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About Jordan Ploman

Ever since I was a kid, I have had an interest and passion in houses, how buildings are designed and constructed, and what they can be used for, including being someone's home. With a background in real estate coming from my parents, one being an architect and another with over 10 years of agent and broker experience, I have grown accustomed to this industry and am learning more every day. 

I obtained my real estate license in Summer of 2019 and in May of 2022 I graduated from UWSP with a Degree in Finance with a minor in Economics. Throughout pursuing my degree, I have been actively practicing in the field of real estate, working with both buyers and sellers finding their next place to call home, investment property, or place of business. 

Along with having my degree from UWSP, I also have knowledge and experience in the media and marketing industry. I have done multiple professional photography gigs for companies including Northern Chill, Crown Rally, as well as portraits, weddings, and other clients' needs. I have experience with video creation as well, directing and editing using Adobe Software. 

The experience and education that I hold pair well with the role of guiding people in the world of making perhaps one of their biggest purchases. It is my goal to make sure that I help each and every one of my clients not only make it through the whole buying and selling process smoothly, but to make sure they are satisfied with the choices they have made, and to have built a relationship with me along the way.

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